New Home, Back from SAQA & Quilt National

Just returned from the SAQA art quilters’ conference and concurrent Quilt National exhibit:  excited, inspired, and very tired!  It was great to meet many people whose work I have seen and put a face to the art.  And of course the quilts were AMAZING!

Here are some photos of our new home, or at least the outside of it.  The views are gorgeous!  Very relaxing and inspiring.  I am working hard to get the new studio (twice as big as the old one!) set up & ready to work in.  I will post photos of the the studio soon.

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  1. teri says:

    Hi Teri, I am in the process of working with Gloria on my new website and, there you were! I want to thank you again for getting me coffee at SAQA. You saved me!!

    Now I am going back to look at your beautiful site!!


    the other Teri

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